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14 August 2014

It’s really shocking how someone could just dissappear anytime and never come back again. Even if you don’t know them all that well it hits you hard. Rest in peace, my ex senior. You’re in a better place now

4 August 2014

Couldn’t sleep so I stayed up until school started. Went through a not so bad day at school but I was so tired after that. Test is coming and I’m not ready. Great

3 August 2014 

School’s starting tomorrow and there’s gonna be a test after that. Oh the pain, the pain of public education. Oh well, need to suck it for one more year and may we see freedom afterwards

2 August 2014

There’s so much on my mind. None of which makes any sense. Most of them are little things that shouldn’t really bother anyone. I can’t sleep

2 August 2014 

The only thing keeping me sane and going is the thought of travelling all around the world. To amazing places, meet new people and learn new languages. A fresh start is all everyone needs.

1 August 2014

Saw your pictures with your new group of friends. I’m not jealous or anything but whenever I asked you if you wanted to hang out it’s always reasons. I was just thinking we were such great friends and you could just let that go so easily. After everything, I’m glad you’re happy but it pains me that everything meant nothing. Oh well, we’re young and people drift apart.

1 August 2014

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